Vanilla India Producer Company Limited is a new venture, promoted by Indian vanilla farmers to protect the long term interest of vanilla growers all over the country. Vanilco is a Producer company with the twin objective of promoting vanilla production and processing vanilla as per international standards. Vanilco is owned by farmers and it works in tandem with them to produce and market the best and choice vanilla beans and extracts. Its goal is to ensure a just and fair value for the farmers’ produce at par with the international markets and standards. The company procures, processes, benchmarks and markets the farmer’ produce and generates profits that are distributed to share holders as handsome dividends.

Today Vanilco is recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers of natural Vanilla in the market, thanks to the technical know-how, quality of products, commercial expertise and knowledge of global markets.

Our Mission
To be the leading provider of high-quality Natural Vanilla by building a long-term relationship with customers based on trust, commitment and performance.

Our Objectives
To create a distinct brand image, add value for all stakeholders involved and to enlarge the market share worldwide.

To be always committed to ethical corporate governance, social and environmental responsibility and fair trading policies in our supply chain.

To steadily pursue a Total Quality Policy and further strengthen the core competencies of the company in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage..

To deliver competitively consistent quantity of certified quality standards on time and to provide superior service to the customers.

Our Strengths
Our strengths lie in the principles of Business, Efficiency, Service, and Teamwork (BEST) that is the deep knowledge of our business, efficient company organization, excellent customer service and teamwork. These principles are integrated by our “Always Better” philosophy that consists in continuous performance and customer care improvement.

The company is managed by a highly professional owner, directors and managers supported by a well-trained and motivated staff a strong customer-oriented philosophy.

The great competence in logistics allows us to guarantee a superior service to the customers (from loading to delivery of the goods) according to their production needs.

Latest News
  • Rising popularity of artificial vanilla puts Kerala farmers in distress

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