Pure natural vanilla
Pure natural vanilla is an extremely complex flavor. The major flavor component of vanilla beans is natural vanillin, which may appear as a white crystalline material on well cured aged beans. In addition, there are 300 other flavor components most of which are present in trace amounts.

Despite all the developments in technological processes, flavor scientists have never been able to duplicate the flavor of pure natural vanilla till today.

What is synthetic vanilla?
Synthetic vanilla is an artificial product made from guaiacol, a coal tar derivative through a chemical process. Caramel colors are used to mask the unpleasant aroma and therefore it appears black in color. Since it is a coal tar derivative, it is generally considered unhealthy for human consumption.

Vanilco’s Natural Vanilla
Vanilla India Producer Company engages in the procurement and production of the finest vanilla beans. We produce and distribute natural vanilla based products.

Our R&D department has successfully managed to extract the natural vanilla by Super Critical Fluid Extraction. By employing the proper techniques of procurement, processing and storage, Vanilco guarantees that in every drop you get pure and natural vanilla.

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