Much more than just an ingredient in baked goods and a flavoring and can do wonders for most foods and beverages; it's also very useful in calming our minds and bodies and helping us to feel good.

Take a look at how many ways vanilla can be useful to us in our daily lives :
An antacid
Add a few drops to pineapple, fruit salads, or sauces containing citrus, to soften the sharpness and give it extra sweetening. Put a little vanilla in tomato sauces to neutralize the acidity.

A lifter and enhancer
Add vanilla to give new "life" to flavorless seasonal fruits or other foods that need a flavor boost. Did you know that chocolate by itself tastes "flat" which is why it usually contains vanilla?

An emulsifier
Add vanilla extract to egg batters (sweet or savory), cake batter, cookie batter, baked goods, or cream sauces to smooth and blend overpowering flavors.

A natural sweetener
Add a few drops of vanilla to vegetables, sweet potatoes, and salad dressings. It increases the natural sweetness of vegetables and provides a delicate, subtle flavor to salads.

An adjunct flavor for seafood, fowl, and meat
Use with roasted, sautéed or barbequed meats, poultry, wild game or seafood. Split a vanilla bean and place it in a bottle of olive or other quality oils for sautéing meats, poultry, or seafood, or add a few drops of vanilla extract to cooked fish, fowl, or game as well as to sauces and marinades.

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